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Give guests the perfect home away from home
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Design your home item by item
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Create an entire home, in just 6 clicks
Rent by Room
Build room by room, with our package builder
Get Down to Business
We’ll take care of outfitting your vacation rental, so you can focus on being the host with the most.
A Complete Experience
We’ve got the bath, bedroom, and dining essentials to make sure your guests have everything they need.
Need for Speed
Delivery within 2 business days, on average, means your vacation rental will be ready for guests—posthaste.
Flexible Functionality
With flexible lease terms, you’ll have high-quality furniture where and when you need it in your 5-star abode.
Why should I rent instead of buy furniture for my vacation rental?

For the Flexibility: Whether you need some furniture just for the summer, or a whole home for the year, we’ve got you covered with a variety of lease terms. We’ll deliver when and where you need it—in as little as 2 business days.

For the Freedom: Go ahead, indulge your changing tastes! Switch up your style! Keep up with those Joneses! With thousands of furniture, decor, and houseware items to choose from, we really do have something for everyone, and every moment.

For the Ease: Just select your furniture, and let us do the rest—assembly, design, and pick-up included. And if you’re not in love? We offer free returns and exchanges within the first 7 days of your rental.

Does Brook offer contactless delivery?

You can rest easy knowing that Brook has your back. In 2020, we introduced Brook’s Rest Assured program, which guarantees:

  • Disinfected furniture at time of delivery
  • Contactless delivery
  • Mandatory personal protective equipment (PPE) worn by all employees
  • Truck disinfecting, and more

All of these steps are documented on a door hanger so that customers can be assured they’re entering a clean, safe environment.

We also developed our Stay Safe Travel Essentials that may be requested as part of delivery. After furniture setup is complete, we leave a kit with all-purpose cleansing towelettes, three-layer face masks, hand sanitizer, and a pair of poly gloves as another convenience for customer health and safety.

Do I need to be present for delivery?
If you are not able to be present, you can provide us with entry instructions and/or permission to enter for our driver team.
What happens to furniture if it’s damaged or unable to be leased again?
We make every effort to keep each item in our collection in tip-top shape. Any furniture that comes back to Brook that doesn’t meet our standards after inspection and cannot be repaired or refurbished, we donate to furniture banks and other charitable organizations.
Is your furniture kid and pet friendly?

Yes! Our furniture is for real life, not a museum. We also offer many items in performance fabrics that hold up well to the wear, tear, and general mayhem of a life with crazy kids and furry friends.

That said, we do reserve the right to charge for excessive wear or damage that requires extra labor, time, and materials for us to refurbish or repair.

Can I exchange my furniture during my lease?
If it’s within the first 7 days after delivery, we offer free exchanges or returns. If you’d like to change things up before the end of your lease, we're happy to schedule an exchange for a nominal fee based on delivery area and terms.
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